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View HumanResources.vJobCandidateEducation

Displays the content from each education related element in the xml column Resume in the HumanResources.JobCandidate table. The content has been localized into French, Simplified Chinese and Thai. Some data may not display correctly unless supplemental language support is installed.

Column Data Type Nullable
JobCandidateID int
Edu.Level nvarchar(max) X
Edu.StartDate datetime X
Edu.EndDate datetime X
Edu.Degree nvarchar(50) X
Edu.Major nvarchar(50) X
Edu.Minor nvarchar(50) X
Edu.GPA nvarchar(5) X
Edu.GPAScale nvarchar(5) X
Edu.School nvarchar(100) X
Edu.Loc.CountryRegion nvarchar(100) X
Edu.Loc.State nvarchar(100) X
Edu.Loc.City nvarchar(100) X