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Table Sales.SalesOrderHeader (31,465 rows)

General sales order information.

  Column Data Type Identity Nullable Default
PK SalesOrderID int X
Primary key.
RevisionNumber tinyint 0
Incremental number to track changes to the sales order over time.
OrderDate datetime getdate()
Dates the sales order was created.
DueDate datetime
Date the order is due to the customer.
ShipDate datetime X
Date the order was shipped to the customer.
Status tinyint 1
Order current status. 1 = In process; 2 = Approved; 3 = Backordered; 4 = Rejected; 5 = Shipped; 6 = Cancelled
OnlineOrderFlag Flag(bit) 1
0 = Order placed by sales person. 1 = Order placed online by customer.
UK SalesOrderNumber nvarchar(25)
Unique sales order identification number.
PurchaseOrderNumber OrderNumber(nvarchar(25)) X
Customer purchase order number reference.
AccountNumber AccountNumber(nvarchar(15)) X
Financial accounting number reference.
FK CustomerID int
Customer identification number. Foreign key to Customer.BusinessEntityID.
FK SalesPersonID int X
Sales person who created the sales order. Foreign key to SalesPerson.BusinessEntityID.
FK TerritoryID int X
Territory in which the sale was made. Foreign key to SalesTerritory.SalesTerritoryID.
FK BillToAddressID int
Customer billing address. Foreign key to Address.AddressID.
FK ShipToAddressID int
Customer shipping address. Foreign key to Address.AddressID.
FK ShipMethodID int
Shipping method. Foreign key to ShipMethod.ShipMethodID.
FK CreditCardID int X
Credit card identification number. Foreign key to CreditCard.CreditCardID.
CreditCardApprovalCode varchar(15) X
Approval code provided by the credit card company.
FK CurrencyRateID int X
Currency exchange rate used. Foreign key to CurrencyRate.CurrencyRateID.
SubTotal money 0.00
Sales subtotal. Computed as SUM(SalesOrderDetail.LineTotal)for the appropriate SalesOrderID.
TaxAmt money 0.00
Tax amount.
Freight money 0.00
Shipping cost.
TotalDue money
Total due from customer. Computed as Subtotal + TaxAmt + Freight.
Comment nvarchar(128) X
Sales representative comments.
UK rowguid uniqueidentifier newid()
ROWGUIDCOL number uniquely identifying the record. Used to support a merge replication sample.
ModifiedDate datetime getdate()
Date and time the record was last updated.



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