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Table dbo.DatabaseLog (1,597 rows)

Audit table tracking all DDL changes made to the AdventureWorks database. Data is captured by the database trigger ddlDatabaseTriggerLog.

  Column Data Type Identity Nullable Default
PK DatabaseLogID int X
Primary key for DatabaseLog records.
PostTime datetime
The date and time the DDL change occurred.
DatabaseUser sysname(nvarchar(128))
The user who implemented the DDL change.
Event sysname(nvarchar(128))
The type of DDL statement that was executed.
Schema sysname(nvarchar(128)) X
The schema to which the changed object belongs.
Object sysname(nvarchar(128)) X
The object that was changed by the DDL statment.
TSQL nvarchar(max)
The exact Transact-SQL statement that was executed.
XmlEvent xml
The raw XML data generated by database trigger.