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Demo of using SQL Data Dictionary
Example data dictionary table list

SQL Data Dictionary in PDF or HTML

It is now easy to generate a PDF or HTML listing of all tables and views in your SQL Server database.

View example WideWorldImporters (SQL Server 2016) PDF output

View example WideWorldImporters (SQL Server 2016) HTML tree output

View example AdventureWorks PDF output

View example AdventureWorks HTML tree output

Example data dictionary column list

Column Level Details

Get column level detail on SQL Server primary keys, data types, and defaults along with descriptions. Easily find missing indexes and incorrect column definitions.

Example table dependencies list


Document SQL Server column level table usage by views, stored procedures and functions.

Example data dictionary description editor

Description Editor

Use the included description editor to add a description to SQL Server tables, columns, views, stored procedures, and functions quickly and easily.