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View Person.vAdditionalContactInfo

Displays the contact name and content from each element in the xml column AdditionalContactInfo for that person.

Column Data Type Nullable
BusinessEntityID int
FirstName Name(nvarchar(50))
MiddleName Name(nvarchar(50)) X
LastName Name(nvarchar(50))
TelephoneNumber nvarchar(50) X
TelephoneSpecialInstructions nvarchar(max) X
Street nvarchar(50) X
City nvarchar(50) X
StateProvince nvarchar(50) X
PostalCode nvarchar(50) X
CountryRegion nvarchar(50) X
HomeAddressSpecialInstructions nvarchar(max) X
EMailAddress nvarchar(128) X
EMailSpecialInstructions nvarchar(max) X
EMailTelephoneNumber nvarchar(50) X
rowguid uniqueidentifier
ModifiedDate datetime