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Table Person.Person (19,972 rows)

Human beings involved with AdventureWorks: employees, customer contacts, and vendor contacts.

  Column Data Type Identity Nullable Default
PK, FK BusinessEntityID int
Primary key for Person records.
PersonType nchar(2)
Primary type of person: SC = Store Contact, IN = Individual (retail) customer, SP = Sales person, EM = Employee (non-sales), VC = Vendor contact, GC = General contact
NameStyle NameStyle(bit) 0
0 = The data in FirstName and LastName are stored in western style (first name, last name) order. 1 = Eastern style (last name, first name) order.
Title nvarchar(8) X
A courtesy title. For example, Mr. or Ms.
FirstName Name(nvarchar(50))
First name of the person.
MiddleName Name(nvarchar(50)) X
Middle name or middle initial of the person.
LastName Name(nvarchar(50))
Last name of the person.
Suffix nvarchar(10) X
Surname suffix. For example, Sr. or Jr.
EmailPromotion int 0
0 = Contact does not wish to receive e-mail promotions, 1 = Contact does wish to receive e-mail promotions from AdventureWorks, 2 = Contact does wish to receive e-mail promotions from AdventureWorks and selected partners.
AdditionalContactInfo xml X
Additional contact information about the person stored in xml format.
Demographics xml X
Personal information such as hobbies, and income collected from online shoppers. Used for sales analysis.
UK rowguid uniqueidentifier newid()
ROWGUIDCOL number uniquely identifying the record. Used to support a merge replication sample.
ModifiedDate datetime getdate()
Date and time the record was last updated.



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