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View Sales.vIndividualCustomer

Individual customers (names and addresses) that purchase Adventure Works Cycles products online.

Column Data Type Nullable
BusinessEntityID int
Title nvarchar(8) X
FirstName Name(nvarchar(50))
MiddleName Name(nvarchar(50)) X
LastName Name(nvarchar(50))
Suffix nvarchar(10) X
PhoneNumber Phone(nvarchar(25)) X
PhoneNumberType Name(nvarchar(50)) X
EmailAddress nvarchar(50) X
EmailPromotion int
AddressType Name(nvarchar(50))
AddressLine1 nvarchar(60)
AddressLine2 nvarchar(60) X
City nvarchar(30)
StateProvinceName Name(nvarchar(50))
PostalCode nvarchar(15)
CountryRegionName Name(nvarchar(50))
Demographics xml X