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Table Purchasing.PurchaseOrderHeader (4,012 rows)

General purchase order information. See PurchaseOrderDetail.

  Column Data Type Identity Nullable Default
PK PurchaseOrderID int X
Primary key.
RevisionNumber tinyint 0
Incremental number to track changes to the purchase order over time.
Status tinyint 1
Order current status. 1 = Pending; 2 = Approved; 3 = Rejected; 4 = Complete
FK EmployeeID int
Employee who created the purchase order. Foreign key to Employee.BusinessEntityID.
FK VendorID int
Vendor with whom the purchase order is placed. Foreign key to Vendor.BusinessEntityID.
FK ShipMethodID int
Shipping method. Foreign key to ShipMethod.ShipMethodID.
OrderDate datetime getdate()
Purchase order creation date.
ShipDate datetime X
Estimated shipment date from the vendor.
SubTotal money 0.00
Purchase order subtotal. Computed as SUM(PurchaseOrderDetail.LineTotal)for the appropriate PurchaseOrderID.
TaxAmt money 0.00
Tax amount.
Freight money 0.00
Shipping cost.
TotalDue money
Total due to vendor. Computed as Subtotal + TaxAmt + Freight.
ModifiedDate datetime getdate()
Date and time the record was last updated.



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