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Table Purchasing.Vendor (104 rows)

Companies from whom Adventure Works Cycles purchases parts or other goods.

  Column Data Type Identity Nullable Default
PK, FK BusinessEntityID int
Primary key for Vendor records. Foreign key to BusinessEntity.BusinessEntityID
UK AccountNumber AccountNumber(nvarchar(15))
Vendor account (identification) number.
Name Name(nvarchar(50))
Company name.
CreditRating tinyint
1 = Superior, 2 = Excellent, 3 = Above average, 4 = Average, 5 = Below average
PreferredVendorStatus Flag(bit) 1
0 = Do not use if another vendor is available. 1 = Preferred over other vendors supplying the same product.
ActiveFlag Flag(bit) 1
0 = Vendor no longer used. 1 = Vendor is actively used.
PurchasingWebServiceURL nvarchar(1024) X
Vendor URL.
ModifiedDate datetime getdate()
Date and time the record was last updated.



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