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Table Purchasing.ProductVendor (460 rows)

Cross-reference table mapping vendors with the products they supply.

  Column Data Type Identity Nullable Default
PK, FK ProductID int
Primary key. Foreign key to Product.ProductID.
PK, FK BusinessEntityID int
Primary key. Foreign key to Vendor.BusinessEntityID.
AverageLeadTime int
The average span of time (in days) between placing an order with the vendor and receiving the purchased product.
StandardPrice money
The vendor's usual selling price.
LastReceiptCost money X
The selling price when last purchased.
LastReceiptDate datetime X
Date the product was last received by the vendor.
MinOrderQty int
The maximum quantity that should be ordered.
MaxOrderQty int
The minimum quantity that should be ordered.
OnOrderQty int X
The quantity currently on order.
FK UnitMeasureCode nchar(3)
The product's unit of measure.
ModifiedDate datetime getdate()
Date and time the record was last updated.