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Table Production.Product (504 rows)

Products sold or used in the manfacturing of sold products.

  Column Data Type Identity Nullable Default
PK ProductID int X
Primary key for Product records.
UK Name Name(nvarchar(50))
Name of the product.
UK ProductNumber nvarchar(25)
Unique product identification number.
MakeFlag Flag(bit) 1
0 = Product is purchased, 1 = Product is manufactured in-house.
FinishedGoodsFlag Flag(bit) 1
0 = Product is not a salable item. 1 = Product is salable.
Color nvarchar(15) X
Product color.
SafetyStockLevel smallint
Minimum inventory quantity.
ReorderPoint smallint
Inventory level that triggers a purchase order or work order.
StandardCost money
Standard cost of the product.
ListPrice money
Selling price.
Size nvarchar(5) X
Product size.
FK SizeUnitMeasureCode nchar(3) X
Unit of measure for Size column.
FK WeightUnitMeasureCode nchar(3) X
Unit of measure for Weight column.
Weight decimal(8,2) X
Product weight.
DaysToManufacture int
Number of days required to manufacture the product.
ProductLine nchar(2) X
R = Road, M = Mountain, T = Touring, S = Standard
Class nchar(2) X
H = High, M = Medium, L = Low
Style nchar(2) X
W = Womens, M = Mens, U = Universal
FK ProductSubcategoryID int X
Product is a member of this product subcategory. Foreign key to ProductSubCategory.ProductSubCategoryID.
FK ProductModelID int X
Product is a member of this product model. Foreign key to ProductModel.ProductModelID.
SellStartDate datetime
Date the product was available for sale.
SellEndDate datetime X
Date the product was no longer available for sale.
DiscontinuedDate datetime X
Date the product was discontinued.
UK rowguid uniqueidentifier newid()
ROWGUIDCOL number uniquely identifying the record. Used to support a merge replication sample.
ModifiedDate datetime getdate()
Date and time the record was last updated.



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