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Table Application.Countries (190 rows)

Countries that contain the states or provinces (including geographic boundaries)

  Column Data Type Identity Nullable Default
PK CountryID int NEXT VALUE FOR [Sequences].[CountryID]
Numeric ID used for reference to a country within the database
UK CountryName nvarchar(60)
Name of the country
UK FormalName nvarchar(60)
Full formal name of the country as agreed by United Nations
IsoAlpha3Code nvarchar(3) X
3 letter alphabetic code assigned to the country by ISO
IsoNumericCode int X
Numeric code assigned to the country by ISO
CountryType nvarchar(20) X
Type of country or administrative region
LatestRecordedPopulation bigint X
Latest available population for the country
Continent nvarchar(30)
Name of the continent
Region nvarchar(30)
Name of the region
Subregion nvarchar(30)
Name of the subregion
Border geography X
Geographic border of the country as described by the United Nations
FK LastEditedBy int
ValidFrom datetime2
ValidTo datetime2



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