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Table Application.People (1,111 rows)

People known to the application (staff, customer contacts, supplier contacts)

  Column Data Type Identity Nullable Default
PK PersonID int NEXT VALUE FOR [Sequences].[PersonID]
Numeric ID used for reference to a person within the database
FullName nvarchar(50)
Full name for this person
PreferredName nvarchar(50)
Name that this person prefers to be called
SearchName nvarchar(101)
Name to build full text search on (computed column)
IsPermittedToLogon bit
Is this person permitted to log on?
LogonName nvarchar(50) X
Person's system logon name
IsExternalLogonProvider bit
Is logon token provided by an external system?
HashedPassword varbinary(max) X
Hash of password for users without external logon tokens
IsSystemUser bit
Is the currently permitted to make online access?
IsEmployee bit
Is this person an employee?
IsSalesperson bit
Is this person a staff salesperson?
UserPreferences nvarchar(max) X
User preferences related to the website (holds JSON data)
PhoneNumber nvarchar(20) X
Phone number
FaxNumber nvarchar(20) X
Fax number
EmailAddress nvarchar(256) X
Email address for this person
Photo varbinary(max) X
Photo of this person
CustomFields nvarchar(max) X
Custom fields for employees and salespeople
OtherLanguages nvarchar(max) X
Other languages spoken (computed column from custom fields)
FK LastEditedBy int
ValidFrom datetime2
ValidTo datetime2



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