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Table Warehouse.StockItemHoldings (227 rows)

Non-temporal attributes for stock items

  Column Data Type Identity Nullable Default
PK, FK StockItemID int
ID of the stock item that this holding relates to (this table holds non-temporal columns for stock)
QuantityOnHand int
Quantity currently on hand (if tracked)
BinLocation nvarchar(20)
Bin location (ie location of this stock item within the depot)
LastStocktakeQuantity int
Quantity at last stocktake (if tracked)
LastCostPrice decimal(18,2)
Unit cost price the last time this stock item was purchased
ReorderLevel int
Quantity below which reordering should take place
TargetStockLevel int
Typical quantity ordered
FK LastEditedBy int
LastEditedWhen datetime2 sysdatetime()



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