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Table Warehouse.StockItems (227 rows)

Main entity table for stock items

  Column Data Type Identity Nullable Default
PK StockItemID int NEXT VALUE FOR [Sequences].[StockItemID]
Numeric ID used for reference to a stock item within the database
UK StockItemName nvarchar(100)
Full name of a stock item (but not a full description)
FK SupplierID int
Usual supplier for this stock item
FK ColorID int X
Color (optional) for this stock item
FK UnitPackageID int
Usual package for selling units of this stock item
FK OuterPackageID int
Usual package for selling outers of this stock item (ie cartons, boxes, etc.)
Brand nvarchar(50) X
Brand for the stock item (if the item is branded)
Size nvarchar(20) X
Size of this item (eg: 100mm)
LeadTimeDays int
Number of days typically taken from order to receipt of this stock item
QuantityPerOuter int
Quantity of the stock item in an outer package
IsChillerStock bit
Does this stock item need to be in a chiller?
Barcode nvarchar(50) X
Barcode for this stock item
TaxRate decimal(18,3)
Tax rate to be applied
UnitPrice decimal(18,2)
Selling price (ex-tax) for one unit of this product
RecommendedRetailPrice decimal(18,2) X
Recommended retail price for this stock item
TypicalWeightPerUnit decimal(18,3)
Typical weight for one unit of this product (packaged)
MarketingComments nvarchar(max) X
Marketing comments for this stock item (shared outside the organization)
InternalComments nvarchar(max) X
Internal comments (not exposed outside organization)
Photo varbinary(max) X
Photo of the product
CustomFields nvarchar(max) X
Custom fields added by system users
Tags nvarchar(max) X
Advertising tags associated with this stock item (JSON array retrieved from CustomFields)
SearchDetails nvarchar(max)
Combination of columns used by full text search
FK LastEditedBy int
ValidFrom datetime2
ValidTo datetime2



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