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Table Sales.Orders (73,595 rows)

Detail of customer orders

  Column Data Type Identity Nullable Default
PK OrderID int NEXT VALUE FOR [Sequences].[OrderID]
Numeric ID used for reference to an order within the database
FK CustomerID int
Customer for this order
FK SalespersonPersonID int
Salesperson for this order
FK PickedByPersonID int X
Person who picked this shipment
FK ContactPersonID int
Customer contact for this order
FK BackorderOrderID int X
If this order is a backorder, this column holds the original order number
OrderDate date
Date that this order was raised
ExpectedDeliveryDate date
Expected delivery date
CustomerPurchaseOrderNumber nvarchar(20) X
Purchase Order Number received from customer
IsUndersupplyBackordered bit
If items cannot be supplied are they backordered?
Comments nvarchar(max) X
Any comments related to this order (sent to customer)
DeliveryInstructions nvarchar(max) X
Any comments related to order delivery (sent to customer)
InternalComments nvarchar(max) X
Any internal comments related to this order (not sent to the customer)
PickingCompletedWhen datetime2 X
When was picking of the entire order completed?
FK LastEditedBy int
LastEditedWhen datetime2 sysdatetime()



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