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Table Sales.Customers (663 rows)

Main entity tables for customers (organizations or individuals)

  Column Data Type Identity Nullable Default
PK CustomerID int NEXT VALUE FOR [Sequences].[CustomerID]
Numeric ID used for reference to a customer within the database
UK CustomerName nvarchar(100)
Customer's full name (usually a trading name)
FK BillToCustomerID int
Customer that this is billed to (usually the same customer but can be another parent company)
FK CustomerCategoryID int
Customer's category
FK BuyingGroupID int X
Customer's buying group (optional)
FK PrimaryContactPersonID int
Primary contact
FK AlternateContactPersonID int X
Alternate contact
FK DeliveryMethodID int
Standard delivery method for stock items sent to this customer
FK DeliveryCityID int
ID of the delivery city for this address
FK PostalCityID int
ID of the postal city for this address
CreditLimit decimal(18,2) X
Credit limit for this customer (NULL if unlimited)
AccountOpenedDate date
Date this customer account was opened
StandardDiscountPercentage decimal(18,3)
Standard discount offered to this customer
IsStatementSent bit
Is a statement sent to this customer? (Or do they just pay on each invoice?)
IsOnCreditHold bit
Is this customer on credit hold? (Prevents further deliveries to this customer)
PaymentDays int
Number of days for payment of an invoice (ie payment terms)
PhoneNumber nvarchar(20)
Phone number
FaxNumber nvarchar(20)
Fax number
DeliveryRun nvarchar(5) X
Normal delivery run for this customer
RunPosition nvarchar(5) X
Normal position in the delivery run for this customer
WebsiteURL nvarchar(256)
URL for the website for this customer
DeliveryAddressLine1 nvarchar(60)
First delivery address line for the customer
DeliveryAddressLine2 nvarchar(60) X
Second delivery address line for the customer
DeliveryPostalCode nvarchar(10)
Delivery postal code for the customer
DeliveryLocation geography X
Geographic location for the customer's office/warehouse
PostalAddressLine1 nvarchar(60)
First postal address line for the customer
PostalAddressLine2 nvarchar(60) X
Second postal address line for the customer
PostalPostalCode nvarchar(10)
Postal code for the customer when sending by mail
FK LastEditedBy int
ValidFrom datetime2
ValidTo datetime2



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