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Table Purchasing.PurchaseOrders (2,074 rows)

Details of supplier purchase orders

  Column Data Type Identity Nullable Default
PK PurchaseOrderID int NEXT VALUE FOR [Sequences].[PurchaseOrderID]
Numeric ID used for reference to a purchase order within the database
FK SupplierID int
Supplier for this purchase order
OrderDate date
Date that this purchase order was raised
FK DeliveryMethodID int
How this purchase order should be delivered
FK ContactPersonID int
The person who is the primary contact for this purchase order
ExpectedDeliveryDate date X
Expected delivery date for this purchase order
SupplierReference nvarchar(20) X
Supplier reference for our organization (might be our account number at the supplier)
IsOrderFinalized bit
Is this purchase order now considered finalized?
Comments nvarchar(max) X
Any comments related this purchase order (comments sent to the supplier)
InternalComments nvarchar(max) X
Any internal comments related this purchase order (comments for internal reference only and not sent to the supplier)
FK LastEditedBy int
LastEditedWhen datetime2 sysdatetime()



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